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Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is collected under the authority of Municipal Act for the purposes of marketing and aggregate statistical reporting.  Questions about this collection should be directed to Theatre Manager, Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 Navy Street, Oakville, ON L6J 2Z4, 905-338-4161 ext. 3210 or at kcoulter@oakville.ca.

The Oakville Centre does not sell, rent or share the personal information of our patrons without the explicit consent of the patron.

Name and address information collected by Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts (OCPA) is considered to be under the protection of the Oakville Centre.  OCPA does not disclose the personal information of our patrons without first asking permission.  Starting in August, 2011 you will be asked the following question when purchasing tickets:

I consent to my name and address being disclosed to the community group named on the ticket(s) I have purchased. 

 # Yes          # No

Let's look at the following examples:

Bethany Smith is a Big Ticket member of OCPA and enjoys receiving emails about special discounts for members and has the brochure mailed to her house twice a year.  She decides to purchase a subscription to the Oakville Drama Series but is not comfortable having her personal information disclosed to TODS and says "no" to the question shown above.  She will continue to receive email and mail about OCPA events, but will not be contacted by the Drama Series.

Mitchell Jones has been a subscriber to the Oakville Symphony Orchestra for 5 years and wants to be kept up to date by the OSO executive.  There is a Big Ticket event coming up that he decides to purchase tickets to.  He buys the tickets online and clicks the "no" button.  He will continue to be contacted by the OSO, but will not receive any promotional contact from OCPA.  He will, however, continue to receive email confirmations and reminders about shows to which he has purchased tickets.  He can opt out of that service at any time.

The Oakville Centre will never release any personal information of its patrons to any artist or their representation for any Big Ticket show.

Please be patient with us as we implement this new system.  It may take a while for existing patrons' preferences to be modified in the system.  If you would like to discuss the settings on your account, please contact the Box office Coordinator, Lorraine McVicar at lmcvicar@oakville.ca or 905-338-4161 ext 3204.  If you would like to discuss OCPA's overall policy, please contact the Theatre Manager, Ken Coulter at kcoulter@oakville.ca or 905-338-4161 ext 3210.


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