Technical Information - Studio Theatre

Policies and Procedures

  • All cast and crew are asked to enter and exit through the stage door at the southwest corner of the building.
  • The stage door will be locked 15 minutes prior to the start of the performance. Alternatively, clients can post security personnel at the stage door to control access.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted only in licensed areas of the building and not in the dressing rooms or on stage.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted on the stage of the studio theatre. Water is permitted.
  • Bulletin boards have been provided for displaying notices throughout the building. Notices taped to painted surfaces will be removed.
  • A working Technical Supervisor is provided with every booking. Additional technical staff maybe arranged through the technical office with two weeks notice.
  • Additional equipment and gobos can be provided with two weeks notice at an additional charge.
  • The use of flammable solvents, open flame, or fire is not allowed on the premises without written permission from the Oakville Fire department.
  • Only personnel authorized by the Technical Supervisor are permitted to operate Oakville Centre equipment.
  • Nailing, screwing or stapling to the stage floor is prohibited.
  • The Studio Theatre must be completely cleared of all personnel 30 minutes prior to the performance. The Technical Supervisor will act as liaison with the House Manager to open the house and will be notified by the House Manager when the house is in.
  • In order to arrange tuning we require two weeks notice if you intend to use our piano.
  • Any production planning on using pyrotechnics must contact the technical office a minimum of two weeks (four weeks is recommended) prior to the load in of the production. The authority having jurisdiction in Oakville is the Oakville Fire department.
  • The Oakville Centre requires that a house announcement be made at the start of every show stating that the use of flash photography and recording devices is strictly prohibited as well as a reminder to silence all electronic devices.
  • All belongings, set pieces and equipment must be removed at the end of the booking unless cleared with the technical department one week in advance. Additional cost may be incurred.
  • The Oakville Centre will not fly performers in the theatre. If you are considering flying performers contact the theatre immediately.
  • Persons needing wheel chair access to the stage should contact the theatre in advance of booking the theatre.
  • Productions intending to use live animals in a performance must obtain a permit from the Town of Oakville. See by-law number 2003-116.
  • Wireless internet access is available in the building at no charge. It is subject to the internet access policy of the Town of Oakville and can be restrictive.

Electrics and Audio

  1. Control
    Strand Classic Palette II console c/w 32 submasters & 500 channels
    48 Strand CD80 2.4Kw dimmers (dimmer per circuit)
  2. Circuits
    All circuits are 20A 125V new style twistlock.
    48 circuits distributed on circuit strips throughout the grid
  3. Instruments
    15 ETC Source Four 36 degree 575W
    24 Electro Controls 6” Fresnels 500W 12 c/w barn doors
  4. Colour Media
    Roscolux – 2 and 3 digit colours
  5. House Lighting Plot
    There is a house lighting plot hung and focused at all times contact the technical office for details.


Yamaha MG206C-USB 16 mic inputs, 4 stereo line inputs, 4 aux sends
2 EAW JFX 260 speakers
1 QSC PLX 24021 QSC PLX 25021 QSC 1200 booth monitors
Assorted mics as available from the Auditorium
1 Denon DN-C630 CD player
Clearcom PS464 located in auditorium
MR102A wall mount station (located in the booth)
Headsets and belt packs available as required from the Auditorium

Stage Accessories

  • 8’ Step ladder
  • 1 Yamaha C2 baby grand piano 5'8"
  • Please contact the technical office for riser availability


  • Legs 1 pair - each panel 10' 4"h x 8'w black velour 50% fullness
  • Backdrop 6 panels - each 10'h x 8'w black velour 50% fullness


These documents require the free Adobe Reader. For AutoCad versions of the theatre drawings, please contact the technical office.

Studio Theatre Drawing (pdf, 326 kB)
Studio Technical Information (pdf 115 kB)
Studio Lighting Plot (pdf, 156 kB)

Stage Dimensions

  • width 28'
  • height 10'6" to underside of grid
  • depth 11' to backdrop plus 30" crossover

Loading is through the stage door limited by a 40" wide x 80" high door.

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