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Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 8 p.m.

Oakville Centre, Willson Auditorium

From the producer of the worldwide hit Shaolin Warriors comes a spectacular new fusion of Chinese martial arts and jaw-dropping acrobatics, accompanied by an all-female percussion ensemble. Immortal Chi weaves a compelling narrative around a Tai-Chi master and his ultimate challenge to regain his inner energy and life force.

Audiences can expect to see adrenalin packed stunts, traditional weaponry, and incredible feats of human endurance, innovative video projections and stunning costumes. In short, Immortal Chi is a feast for the senses that brings the ancient traditions and rich theatrical history of China to life with a rousing 21st century twist.

Ticket Information

Regular $60 | Big Ticket $53 | Big Ticket Plus $49

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Additional Information

Creative Team

  • Creator & Director: Erick Villeneuve
  • • Music Director: Luc Boivin
  • • Choreographer: Phenix Lin
  • • Costume Designer: Mireille Vachon
  • • Set Designer: Josh Zangen
  • • Special FX and Control Designer: Louis-Pierre Morin
  • • Music Programmer: Gabriel Duceppe
  • • Lighting Designer: Jacques Lévesque
  • • Video Content Director: Jean Francois Robichaud
  • • Director’s Artistic Assistant: Sonya St-Martin
  • • Production Coordinator: Valérie Gareau


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