The Oakville Centre Feasibility Study

The Town of Oakville has engaged the services of KPMB Architects and Savira Cultural and Capital Projects to undertake a Feasibility Study of the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. 

The feasibility study will provide recommendations as to whether the facility can be renovated and expanded or rebuilt on its existing site. The study is divided into seven stages of delivery with a final report due in the fall of 2018 that assembles noted deliverables below into a comprehensive document. The feasibility study will build upon the recommendations and conclusions from previous studies and is seen as the final piece of the review process.

Deliverables by stage

Stage 1 - Assess Existing Facility and Operations

Stage 2 - Define Current and Future Needs

Stage 3 - Assess Feasibility of Site

Stage 4 - Concept Design Options

Stage 5 - Capital Cost Estimates

Stage 6 - Business Plans

Stage 7 - Economic and Community Impact Study