Chris Funk - The Wonderist

Redefining Wonder
AEG Liebherr Auditorium
31 Dec
1:00 PM
31 Dec
4:00 PM
Ticket Icon $35 Regular Seating
Family, Circus & Magic
Chris Funk’s Redefining Wonder is an engaging and visceral multimedia experience that has audiences talking and scratching their heads for years to come. Finally, a magic show with music! Chris has pioneered the use of instruments like the violin, guitar, flute and more into his illusions. His parents wanted him to be a musician, but he wanted to be a magician. 

Chris tells his story on how he integrated his love for music and magic in a show unlike any other. Whether it’s a violin concerto to a magical dancing sheet of music, to impossibly suspending various instruments on stage, his show is in a league of its own. 
Chris Funk - The Wonderist Image

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