The Next Generation Leahy

AEG Liebherr Auditorium
8:00 PM
Ticket Icon $60 Regular Seating
Ticket Icon $53 Big Ticket Members
Ticket Icon $49 Big Ticket Plus Members
Big Ticket, World Music
Each and every time the Next Generation Leahy takes the stage, their singular goal is for audiences to walk away from the performance having been inspired by the players, energized by the music, and excited for their return. And this is no truer than when the Next Generation Leahy performs at Christmas.

It is an in-grained, almost genetic drive to create music that has led the Leahy children to achieve so much, even at their young ages. Ranging in age from 13 - 21, they are accomplished multi-instrumentalists, whose live performances are filled with the high-energy, infectious Celtic-based music people associate with the Leahy heritage. Fiddle, accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing all find a voice on stage.
The Next Generation Leahy Image

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