Ramneek Singh

Indian Music: A Journey of Emotions Through Melodies And Genres
Studio Theatre - Lower Level
8:00 PM
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This concert aims to explore a range of emotions through diverse genres of Indian music. The genres include Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Bhajan, Shabad, Gazal, Qawali, Sufiana, and Folk. Khayal allows for imaginative expression within the structure of a Raag/Melody. Tarana is a spiritual genre with Persian influences. Bhajan and Shabad are devotional genres. Thumri is a semi-classical genre known for its romantic themes. Qawali focuses on love and devotion, while Gazal expresses both the pain of loss and the beauty of love. Folk and Sufiana music reflect rural traditions and classical poetry.  

By exploring these different genres and melodies, Ramneek Singh will create a diverse and emotionally engaging concert that will take the audience on a journey through various emotions and aspects of Indian music. 
Ramneek will also briefly explain each genre and the central theme of the piece in English as she presents.

Patrons who have any difficulty with stairs or who use mobility devices are asked to call the box office in advance of the performance to arrange for Studio Theatre access
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